i will do this!!! (iamdestinybound) wrote,
i will do this!!!

day one

Ok so obviously that weight loss extravaganza of March 2005 didn't last for long. April was spent pulling all nighters writing research papers and writing final exams. May was spent graduating and drinking my face off at every occasion. June was when we found out we were about to be 3. Soooo here I am 19 months later starting all over again. But this time it's for a different reason. Yes, I want to get rid of these extra pounds, 25 more than last time (Oh god!) but I also have to do this for my health and to try to eliminate an overgrowth of yeast in my body that I believe to be the reason Abby & I keep getting thrush. So, I'm going to gradually cut out refined sugars and most carbs. I'm going to do it gradually, I don't want to have severe withdrawal. From what I've read I should limit my sugar intake to 3 times a week. 3 times. That wil be difficult. Refined sugar is in almost everything! I'm going to be using this journal as a place to document what I eat each and every day. I'm going to try my hardest to keep this up.
So, here goes!
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